About the Artist

My name is Alan Schwartz and I am the head photographer and owner at A.M.S Photography.

I am thrilled to be back in the Pacific Northwest.  Like many of us, I  have been creating art ever since I was a small child. From the moment that I first picked up a crayon, I fell in love with my ability to create, coloring everything within my reach, including the walls.  My earliest favorite subjects were my family and my heroes, specifically Batman and Superman.  Over the years, I expanded my tool selection from crayons to ink, color pencils, pastels, and eventually to photography and paint, giving me a wide ranging collection of work. Starting at an early age, I refined my own artistic skills by utilizing my camera as a tool for exploring the details of beauty.

My goal was to learn the answer to the question, what makes someone or something beautiful?   Ironically, this question has been the source of most of my success as an artist and yet I have found that the answer is always an enigma unique to each subject.

Thanks to my very supportive parents, I began my formal introduction to fine art at the age of 11, and I learned the fundamentals from such masterful local artists as John Ursello, Ernie Dolman and Miguel Ramirez, who had won the award for Best Artist in Mexico before he came with his family to the United States. Just before my senior year in high school, I was accepted into the California State Summer School for the Arts, (CSSSA).  I then worked my way into the prestigious and highly competitive Visual Arts Program at Los Angeles County High School of the Arts (LACHSA). Following high school graduation, I was immediately accepted into California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). While in college, I began working my first two jobs in the art industry; one was as a Studio Photographer at Glamour Shots and the other was as a Life Drawing and Painting to see the beauty in my clients and to find ways of emphasizing those features has served me well.   I continued working as a photographer at several photo studios and then I began traveling around the country where I further refined my skills and defined my purpose as an Artist and Photographer. One of my favorite jobs was as a traveling Portrait Photographer throughout the Great Pacific Northwest and it was then that I met my lovely wife, Gina. She didn’t like me to be on the road so often and so I spent the next few years managing a very busy photo studio in Vancouver, Washington. Since then we moved down to Southern California, married and made two little boys and brought our family back up to Vancouver.  I am happily focusing my talents on serving the residents of the Clark and Multnomah Counties.

My mission in photography is simply to focus on beauty and explore the hidden depths of each of my subjects. My mission in making artwork is to more about immersing myself in a childlike state of playful creativity and freely exploring my own subconscious drives, conscious thoughts, and spiritual path. My purpose in sharing all of my art is to inspire insight that will help merge the conscious mundane with the unconscious divine.

I have been using drawing, painting, photography and video to achieve my mission and purpose for over 25 years. I have been blessed with amazing teachers and education thanks to plenty of familial support but some of the most amazing artists in the world were never so lucky. I am convinced that artistic talents and a desire to create is a blessing from God. I hope that you are inspired by my visions and transform that inspiration into action.

Thank you for your time,

Alan M. Schwartz