Some Loving Photo Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Everyone can keep Valentine’s Day fresh each year by looking for ideas that go beyond the chocolate, flowers and hearts.  Here are some thoughts from your friendly local photographer that might help you add an extra spark of creativity and fun to your celebration of love!

  • Create a heart-shaped photo collage or one in the shape of the word love at shapecollage.
  • Make a photo or video greeting card with your favorite love song soundtrack? You can download the Smilebox app and create a customized Valentine.
  • A Valentine’s Day photography session is a perfect idea that will require some creativity and you can get some really special gifts of photos as the end result.  By putting some thought into the details, we will certainly renew your feelings of love for each other with the entire experience, and you will make your special someone very happy.  There are plenty of great ideas for locations for your Valentine’s Day photo shoots, such as the beach, an abandoned building, under a weeping willow tree, on abandoned railroad tracks,  a decorative bridge such as at a Japanese garden or the best idea of all would be a place that is significant to your relationship. Surprise your Valentine by arranging to meet me (your favorate photographer, of course) at the place where you shared your first kiss, or where you cofessed your love for the first time. Schedule your photosession today by clicking here.
  • Tell the story of your love and celebrate new memories with a photo book of your own. Besides photos, you can scan and include souvenirs like movie tickets, restaurant menus, and old valentines that remind you of times you’ve spent together. Then, write in poems, song lyrics, or your own love note to complement your photos and mementos. It’ll be a one-of-a-kind valentine that you’ll both treasure. Don’t forget that you can take a few photos of your significant other and turn them into a wide variety of photo gifts with almost no effort. Sites like Shutterfly and Snapfish have all manner of creative gifts just waiting to be emblazoned with your photos. Choose from usual fare like cards and books or more unusual presents, like keepsake boxes, jewelry, and magnets.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!

Alan M. Schwartz