What I learned from my Wedding Photographer

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My wife and I married over 6 years ago but I still remember everything like it was yesterday. My wife being an amazing planner took a huge amount of stress off of me but in retrospect I should have been more involved with the details. Maybe I was being macho but I let her pick the cake, the flowers, the color scheme, etc. The one part that I was most involved in was, of course, choosing the photographer. Although I had worked with dozens of Photographers over the years, either at weddings or in the studio, I couldn’t think of anyone that I trusted with one of my most important days ever.

Admittedly, I had fears that no one would do as good a job as I would do, but since I needed to say, ‘I do’ that day, I couldn’t shoot my own wedding. That being said, the first hurdle I had to overcome was my own ego. Secondly, I wanted proof that whomever we chose would be perfect. That proof just didn’t exist. Every photographer had sample photographs that were nice, sometimes stunning, but what about the weddings they shot that didn’t turn into masterpieces? Well, I realized then that I just needed to take a leap of faith. My wife and I agreed on a photography team of two gentlemen and they seemed to know what they were doing.

Come the day of our wedding, many things went as planned, but the things we couldn’t have been planned for went terribly wrong. For starters, the road that led to the Japanese Gardens where we were to be wed was, you guessed it, CLOSED! Our guests had to find a back route to our ceremony due to a commercial that was being filmed that day. As the Groom it seemed like a perfect start of my wedding day to get into an argument with the two Police Officers that were blocking traffic. They didn’t budge!

Although the ceremony and the reception were both a success, and they were both truly beautiful events, we were disappointed by several of the vendors we had chosen. The officiant was disrespectful of our wishes, the taylor was messy in her stitches and the DJ completely forgot to bring the music we requested and he looked like he had been through the ringer a few times. One of the best decisions that we had made was our choice in photographers! They were prompt, friendly and professional. They were true artists and masters of their craft. Most importantly, they gave us everything that we wanted and then some!

The best example of this was at the end of the reception when the entire Honeymoon plan fell to pieces. My new bride and I were supposed to be picked up by a limo, driven to the airport, flown to Florida where we would be shuttled to our Caribbean Cruise. What actually happened was that as we were packing the limousine, we could not find our bag packed with all of our travel essentials such as passports, travelers checks, ID’s and tickets. Frantically, everyone was searching for this bag, bridesmaids were in tears, and our plane was taking off soon.

Our two amazing photographers, along with my brother, drove back to the ceremony site and broke in, after midnight, and were chased by guard dogs. We didn’t find the tickets until the following day and the honeymoon turned out to be perfect, but the moral of the story is this; When push came to shove, there were people at our wedding that were truly dedicated to our special day being a treasured memory. Simply by the act of jumping over fences in tuxedos while being chased by dogs, our wedding photographers taught me the true meaning of service.

When I agree to be a part of your wedding, I am agreeing to much more than just being with you all day and taking beautiful photos of your most special moments, I am agreeing to do whatever it takes to help make your day perfect!

Alan Schwartz